Logan Stelter

Logan was born with Laryngomalacia, which is best described as floppy tissue above the vocal cords
that falls into the airway when a child breathes in.  Basically it was suffocating him, so at 3 months,
he had his first surgery.  Then they found he had Tracheomalacia, which occurs when the cartilage
in the windpipe, or trachea, has not developed properly. Instead of being rigid, the walls of the
trachea are floppy, resulting in breathing difficulties.  He has had multiple bouts of Croup and
Pneumonia. At 12 months, he had to have a heart surgery because he had a extra artery that they
had to close off. At 15 months, Logan stopped eating and was in the hospital for about a week and
had to have his tonsils out. He was doing okay for about 2 years on and off of sicknesses.  

In March, Logan got a bad cold so we took him in to the doctor and she gave him meds for an
infection and started him on steroids.  Then on Thursday, he started drinking more.  On both
Wednesday and Thursday nights, he woke up very angry like I have never seen before.  I tried to
comfort him but touching him or talking to him only made him more angry.  Friday came and he was
drinking even more.  He wet the bed Friday night through his diaper.  On Saturday, he was drinking
even more than the day before, like 6 glasses in 40 minutes.  He would not sleep.  All he wanted
was water and he was getting up to get it himself.  He wet the bed 4 times that night.  When he
woke up not acting normal on Sunday morning, I called my husband at work and he told me to take
him in.  The doctor said it was a good thing we brought him in when we did and not waited
another day because his blood glocose was 661.  He was transported to Children's Hospital.

I still think in the back of my head at times that it's not true.  That it can't be happening because
he's been through so much in 3-1/2 years and he doesn't need anything more.  I ask the doctors if
they're sure that it's not just a fluke.  They have showed us all the labs to prove it.  I even had the
family doctor tell me, "Lorri, you can't get a blood glucose of 661 just eating too many Popsicles."  I
am starting to come to terms with this, that it's not going away.  Then there's part me that blames
myself for it because I can't make him better.  We are living day to day until we get this down.  I
know there is light out there.  We just have to take our time.
                                                                                                            - Lorri Stelter
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