Liam Wallace-Reeves

As if 2014 and 2015 hadn't already been a rollercoaster of emotions. My husband had moved to North Carolina for a job
opportunity when I was 16 weeks pregnant with our second son. We moved in with my parents which was super hard
on Liam because daddy wasn't around often.

Finally after 4 long months we joined daddy in North Carolina. That's when the real madness started. After a week of
arriving, Liam became incredibly thirsty. A thirst he couldn't satisfy. I honestly believed that the climate change from
WNY to NC was the reason. He then began peeing through his diapers at night, I was getting up to change him at
midnight, double diapering, splurged on 25 cloth diapers and NOTHING was working. He then began waking in the night
asking for water. My little boy who was once a great sleeper was waking often, wet and thirsty.

I went into labor 6 weeks after arriving in North Carolina. Liam's personality did a full 360...distant, unhappy, lethargic,
angry, forgetful, weak and uninterested in everything. My youngest was 5 days old and Liam was having a rough night,
up every 30 minutes begging for water. I changed 3 diapers before 4am. I was exhausted. Between Liam and my
newborn night feeds, I lost my patience. I yelled at Liam and brought him into my room, praying he would sleep better
having me close.

When he finally woke up, all he wanted was water.  After downing yet another 8oz cup of water, he vomited all over
my bed. The fourth time he had vomited in 7 weeks with no explanation. He then proceeded to lie down and go back
to sleep. I immediately called his pediatrician and changed his doctors apt that was originally booked for the next day.
Packed everyone up and got in the car.

The whole car ride to the pediatrician was torture for little Liam.  He was begging me for water. Crying and falling
asleep. Upon arrival he vomited all over the exam room. The doctor listened to my concerns and ran some blood tests.
I knew the diagnosis before he even said it. Type 1 diabetes. He told me that the hospital was waiting for us.

Liam's blood sugar was 304 and he was in DKA, his hydration level was a 4 (normal numbers are 22-26). He was so
thirsty:(.  My poor boy had lost 4lbs in such a short time and his A1C was 12.6.

We spent 4 days in the hospital 2 days in the PICU trying to get his blood sugar under control. I was torn between my
two boys, Liam in the ICU with his daddy and me and my newborn in a private room so that I could continue
breastfeeding. We had a crash course on how to manage this disease and were sent home.

We are now 4 months in and finally finding our new normal! I am so proud of his strength, he is so resilient, my hero!  It
is terrifying and scary and not how you expect your life to turn out but life is what you make of it. Liam is a kid first,
diabetes second. It has not and will never define him as a person.

You can do this! It doesn't feel like it right now and even now it is still scary but we would do anything for our babies!  
Always remember, diabetes cannot be controlled only managed. Don't obsess over the numbers, it is a marathon not a
sprint! If you are having a bad day, move on, there is always tomorrow!
                                                                                                                                                  - Jaci Wallace-Reeves
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