Lauren Tutsch

     “There will always be a reason why you meet people.  Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one
that will change theirs.”

      Mrs. Lauren Tutsch was a delight as Beau’s kindergarten teacher in 2013.  He absolutely adored her.  In fact, he
brought her flowers at the start of every school year until she moved to Colorado in August of 2016.  Lauren’s story
begins much later in life than most that are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She was informed that she had
gestational diabetes in 2015/2016 as she was pregnant with her adorable daughter, Braelyn.  She was insulin
dependent but often told herself that, ‘she could get through this, it’s only 12 weeks’.  She ate healthy, exercised,
followed doctor’s orders; aside from the gestational diabetes she had a normal pregnancy.  Not only were she and
husband, Eric, thrilled that their daughter was born healthy but also excited to shed the insulin injections and finger
pricks….or so she thought.  Months went by and she had her A1C tested twice and was told by multiple physicians
that she had nothing to worry about.  They celebrated Braelyn’s first birthday in late winter of 2017 and that’s when
Lauren started noticing some indications that something might be wrong. Again, she was told all was well and her
symptoms included all those that could be related to having a one year old, and moving to a new state:  tired, losing
weight, thirst with the change in altitude.  The symptoms would come and go.   After a trip to Arizona in late May
2017, Lauren just felt she couldn’t recover from the trip.  Jetlag?  Too busy?  Weather?  She did a few blood checks
and her blood sugar readings were all over 200.
      Sam doesn’t love when I post birthday pictures of him but for some reason I felt compelled to wish him a happy
44th on Facebook.  Within minutes of my post, Lauren messaged me that she had a few questions about her health,
knowing that Sophia had Type 1 diabetes.  I gave her my cell number and told her to call me immediately.  During our
talk, I told her she needed to hang up with me and go immediately to the ER as she had a blood sugar reading a few
days before in the 500’s.  THANKfully, she took my advice, even though I reminded her that I’m not a doctor.  When
she got to the ER, the doctors were dumbfounded that she was still alive.  They said she would have not survived the
night.  She was in severe DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and her body was shutting down.  She had labored breathing
and the nurses told her that was the last bodily system to go before death. Doctors were amazed that she was
walking and talking.  She ended up with a 4 night stay in the hospital getting insulin drips, excruciating potassium
injections, and other pokes and procedures the entire time.
      We have stayed connected and while every person diagnosed with T1D reacts differently to weather,
temperature, illness, exercise, sleep, hormonal changes, stress (yes everything), we were able to help Lauren start to
make sense of this relentless disease.
      Lauren makes the diagnosis and management look easy and beautiful.  I assure you it is VERY hard work.  Type 1
diabetes NEVER takes a vacation, a break, or is in remission.  It must be at the forefront of your mind 24 hours a day,
yes, even when sleeping.  Lauren has had to have a crash course in Type 1 management in days, turning her entire life
upside-down.  Testing her blood every two hours, matching her insulin dose with her food and activity, all while
raising her young daughter in a new state.   
      She recently wrote these words: “I am done feeling sorry for myself.  There is a reason I did not die last month,
even though the doctors could not believe I was still awake and talking when I entered the ER.  I am trusting God to
show me why he kept me alive. “To be able to feel this strong in 6 weeks after diagnosis is a true testament to
Lauren’s character.   
      We are blessed to have Lauren in our lives and recently had the opportunity to visit her and her beautiful family.  
Although distance may separate us, we have and unbreakable bond. You never know why people enter your life until
you figure it out.

                                                                                                                   - Amy Veit - Sophia's Promise
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