Kristijan Rajak

   Our son Kristijan, who is only 5 years old, visited the doctor’s office on August 23, 2013 and it was
one of the worst day in our family lives because he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

   Two months earlier, we noticed that he started wetting the bed at night time, drinking more
water than usual and going to the bathroom more and more frequently. We went on a family
vacation to visit Kristijan's aunt (my sister-in-law) in California, who is a nurse. She was observing my
son and quickly told us that his symptoms are from type 1 diabetes.  At first, I didn't want to believe
it. Her next words were to make an appointment at his doctor’s office as soon as we get back
home. Sure enough, when I took him to visit his doctor, she confirmed the same thing my sister-in-
law told me. Kristijan has type 1 diabetes. My world as a mother quickly turned upside down and the
doctor's room turned 360 degrees around me.

   My husband and I spent the next two days with him at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. We didn't
want to believe that all of this was happening to our son but quickly got a better understanding of
type 1 diabetes by help group of the doctors and nurses. They all told us he is going to be a NORMAL
kid, teenager and fine young man one day. They also said that this is a disease BUT it can be
managed by insulin, healthy food and active life style.

   We as a family believe that he is a NORMAL kid, just with one extra thing to do for him by
checking his blood sugar and giving him desired units of his insulin. He is an engaged kid, loves to
play with his little sister, Emilija, and his friends at school. At first, when you as a parent think that
you have a sick child, it seems everything is coming down.  I'm going to do this right or I'm going to
break down, it is too much!?! So many questions, BUT STOP…and think this is my child.  I have to do
everything in my power to fight through this and help my child in his good and bad days.  I have to.
We wish that he has more good days, but like they told us in a hospital you have to be prepared for
everything. Kristijan is doing so good since he came home.  His blood sugars are within a normal
range and the insulin shots are piece of cake for him.

   Kristijan is my Hero.  He is only 5 years old but is so smart that he is checking his own blood sugars
and helping me choose what to cook for his meals. At the beginning, it hurts so much.  You get
confused asking millions of questions, looking everything from the negative side.  I sat down and
found Sophia's Promise and read her story and all the other families’ experiences there.  They
helped me out so much.  I told myself we as a family have to have Faith and be Strong for one

                                                                                   Mommy that LOVES her son so much,
                                                                                                     Tijana Tea Rajak
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