Dakota Mitchell

      Our son Dakota was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Memorial day 2017. Dakota had been sick
over the weekend and I took him to the ER on Memorial day as he was weak, pale, his eyes were
sunken in his head, he went to stand up but could not walk.

      I knew there had to be more than the flu or appendicitis... They thought he had an appendicitis
but a ct scan and blood work ruled out the appendicits and confirmed diabetes. I was beside myself
and in total shock (still am), I would have given anything for it to be me and not him.

      He was transported via ambulance from our local ER to Childrens hospital in Milwaukee and
there we were given an overwhelming supply of information and the best care for him imaginable.  I
hope and pray one day there will be a cure but until then we will just keep fighting.

      I feel my life is in a total spiral right now but with the help of family and friends we will manage
this disease and not let it manage him.

                                                                                                    Kristi Mitchell
Sophia's Promise, Inc. - S75W14240 Restfull Lane - Muskego, WI  53150