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Project i Bake Sale
March 17-18, 2012

Several weeks ago, Sophia spoke to Amy's Project i (project-based learning) students about Type 1
Diabetes.  They were so inspired by Sophia that they decided to do a bake sale (without Amy knowing) to
raise money for Sophia's Promise.  Amy's long-time teaching partner, Peggy Moriarty, advised the students
on how to seek permission from the local Pick'n Save for their location, coordinate bakers to make all the
delicious treats and recruit volunteers to help solicit funds.  The students and Peg donated their baking
skills and time on a beautiful Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am - 1:00pm.  Their amazing efforts raised over
$500!  Izzy remarked that this was the best trip to Pick'n Save ever.  Thanks, Project rock!